6 new & best Selling DXRacer Office Models

"Sit better, work harder, game longer"! This is DXRacer's slogan and its production thoroughly justifies its claims! DXRacer focuses on ergonomic design for all chairs making them perfect for those who have to spend long hours in front of computers.
If the Gaming Series by DXRacer are designed especially for gamers, the DXRACER Office Chairs satisfy all requirements an office worker may have. If you can't distinguish particularly which model best meets your demands, let's do it together. In all cases, mind that all DXRacer models are made to improve the quality of your life.

DXRACER Boss Series - Designed For Big Bosses!

Overview of the series

DXRACER Boss Series includes five models all made to the highest quality standards. Available colors are black, red and coffee - excellent options for any office interior. All these dxracer models are all covered in leather style vinyl. This durable yet soft upholstery stands for the luxury look and comfort. The adjustable height (51-inch to 55-inch) helps to regulate a dxracer office chair to your preference and convenience. The ergonomic backseat (adjustable up to 120°) provides good back support while the 3D (BE120 models) and 4D (BF120 models) armrests reduce tension in arms and ankles while typing.
BE120 DXRacer Boss chairs feature conventional mechanisms while the more advanced dxracer BF120 models come with heavy duty type. Headrest cushions are integrated with all DXRacer Boss chairs, while lumbar ones are included via additional accessories.
The approximate price range for DXRACER Office chairs is $590-$600.

Target market

DXRacer Boss office chairs are targeted at people up to 6 ft 1 in (185 cm) tall. The suggested weight limit is 425 lbs (192.78 kg). Without any doubt, athletic, above average and large build users will feel utmost comfortable sitting on a dxracer office chair for hours, yet it may appear too large for slimmer ones.

The highest-ranked DXRacer Boss model

Undoubtedly, all DXRacer Boss gaming/office chairs provide the high comfort level one can expect from an advanced product provided by the world-known DXRacer brand, yet the BF120/NC model is especially very popular within gamers and office workers.

  • heavy duty tilt mechanism;
  • 4D adjustable armrests (90°);
  • large angle adjustor;
  • sturdy aluminum wide base (5-star type);
  • 3" PU casters;
  • high-density shaping foam.
  • big size and heavy weight;
  • not comfortable for slim users.

DXRACER Classic Series - Perfect Combination of Price and Functionality

Overview of the series 

DXRacer Classic series include six stylish models in coffee, black and red variants. All these chairs feature durable aluminum bases in black color and multi-functional mechanisms. DXRacer chose practical leather style vinyl for upholstering these gaming/office chairs: it's inexpensive and looks lavish. Depending on the user's height, he/she can adjust the dxracer chair height from 51" to 55". If the back seats are adjustable to 120°, the same can't be said about the armrests. The manufacturer seemed to appear a bit stingy here and equipped some DXRacer Classic chairs with 3D straight armrests (CE120/N, CE120/NR models).
These DXRacer products are offered at about $400-$440 plus free shipping.

Target market

DXRacer Classic chairs have the same design as Boss ones, yet they are smaller to accommodate a different body type. The suggested user height for DXRacer Classic series is up to 5 ft 11 in (180 cm) and the weight limit is 250 lbs (113.4 kg). As compared with the dxracer Boss series, dxracer Classic office chairs by DXRacerare designed for medium size and height users.

The highest-ranked DXRacer Classic model

Based on reviews by real users and critics, we bravely distinguish DXRacer CS120/N as the best model within the dxracer Classic Series.

  • multi-functional mechanism;
  • 3" PU casters;
  • integrated headrest cushion (separate lumbar cushion provided)
  • adjustable backseat (120°);
  • integrated footrest under the seat;
  • high-density mould shaping foam;
  • 4D adjustable armrests.
  • built-in headrest is not soft;
  • not excellent supportive backrest.

DXRACER Work Series Designed for Real Workers

Previously known as DXRacer Wide Series, today's dxracer Work Series includes five briskly designed office/gaming chairs all applicable in five diverse color shades (white, black, gray, red and coffee). DXRACERWork models were specially designed for those users who appreciate clean look and unique style the most in an office furniture. These are durable models built to last. Only PU material is available as upholstery for the dxracer Work models. DXRacer WY models come with conventional and WZ models with multi-functional mechanisms. DXRacer equipped all Work chairs with free headrest and lumbar cushions for extra convenience and good body support. Though built for users with weight, the price for the dxracer Work series is surprisingly reasonable - around $370.

Target market

Designed for big users, DXRacer Work Series features strong aluminum 5-star bases. The height is adjustable (50" to 53") for all dxracer models within the series. The suggested user height is up to 6 ft 0 in (183 cm) while the maximal user weight is 185 lbs (83.9 kg).

The highest-ranked DXRacer Work model

DXRacer WZ06/NW is the most widely purchased DXRacer Work office chair. Available in several shades, it is perfect for any home office setup and never looks flashy. Despite the big size, the dxracer model is priced more than simply reasonably.

  • faux leather/ perforated vinyl upholstery;
  • high-density shaping foam;
  • adjustable 3D armrests and backseat (135°);
  • sensible price;
  • 2 headrest types available;
  • 3" PU casters;
  • conventional mechanism;
  • big size;
  • heavy weight;
  • improper for slim users.

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