DXRacer Stylish and Inexpensive

DXracer Elite Series – Stylish and Inexpensive

DXracer Elite series chairs are notable for their sleek design, ergonomics and affordable price. They are not as big as Boss or Work DXracers, and fit easier in small rooms and offices. But tall people can feel not very comfortable with this DXracer. The OH/EA01/NW model is a good representative of this series that deserves a closer look.


The OH/EA01/NW DXracer is supplied in black colour without bright yellow/red/blue inserts. It looks sleek and simple, but not plain. Adjustability is good, but not perfect: this DXracer lacks angle tilt lock, and its arms can move upside down only. Weight & height limits are 150 lbs and 5,7 foot respectively.

  • sleek design, average size;
  • good ergonomics;
  • affordable price.

criteria-1024x929 DXRacer Stylish and Inexpensive

  • limited adjustability;
  • weight & height limits.

Verdict: The OH/EA01/NW DXracer can be a good choice for those looking for minimalistic design and good lumber support without tons of extra features. But if you a taller than 5,7 foot or have extra weight, you’d better to consider another DXracer.

5. DXracer Drifting Series – Limited Recline Angle, but Cool Design

The first feature that draws attention to DXracer Drifting series is its unique braided design. It looks a bit of non-typical for DXracer and makes the chairs look more classic and less sporty. Functionality in general is quite common for DXracer, but the maximum recline angle is just 120 instead of 180. Weight & height limits are 170 lbs and 5,9 foot respectively. Let’s review its OH/DJ133/N model and decide whether it is worth buying.


The two distinctive features of the OH/DJ133/N are its braided finish and narrow slit in the headrest that makes the chair resemble a racing car. In general, this DXracerlooks sleek and unusual. The set of functions is traditional for a DXracer, but the maximum recline angle doesn’t exceed the mark of 120. One more interesting feature of this DXracer Drifting is a non-standard U-shape of pillows.

  • it’s a mid-priced DXracer option;
  • unusual sleek design;
  • good spinal support with original pillows.
  • limited recline angle;
  • too small for people taller than 5.9 foot.

Verdict: This DXracer is a good choice for both office workers and gamers. Its only downside is a smaller recline angle. For some people it’s a weak point, while others don’t care much of it.

6. DXracer Iron Series – Racing Style and Less Firm Seat

As we’ve seen in previous DXracer models’ reviews, racing style is non-typical for DXracer office series. Bur Iron series is different. It has a bold stripped design, prominent side wings and a narrow cutout in the headrest. Moreover, it uses foam as filler, which makes it softer than DXracers with layered paddings. Weight & height limits are 250 lbs and 6.2 foot respectively A good example is its OH/IS166/NW model.


This DXracer is rather big, but not as huge as Boss Series. High-quality foam filler makes it some softer than other office DXracers. The OH/IS166/NW has prominent side “wings” that hug you when you are sitting in the chair (this feature is more common for gaming DXracers). If the chair is small or narrow for you, this can cause some discomfort.

  • softer seat, non-typical for DXracers;
  • cool stripped design;
  • big size (but not huge).
  • higher than average price;
  • side wings can bring a certain discomfort.

DXracer is best known in the market as a manufacturer of cool gaming chairs. But few people know that its commercial range of goods also includes some office models.

DXracer office computer chairs feature the same perfect build quality and comfortable high backseats for better support, but they are more classic-looking and fit better in an office environment.

Verdict: If you don’t like firm seats and don’t mind being “hugged” with side wings, this DXracer can become the best option for you. But keep in mind that Racing or Formula DXracer gaming series, for example, are cheaper while having a similar functionality. Use a comparison chart to find similar DXracers.


Of course, all DXracer office chairs are cool. But our winner for today is DXracer Classic series, in particular, its OH/CE120/N model. What makes it the best choice?

  • Excellent adjustability
  • a flawless look
  • good lumber support

This DXracer, without any doubt, will perfectly fit in any office, meeting all the requirements of modern office workers who spend hours at the computer.

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