How to choose best DX Racer armchair for you

Series Max HeightMax WeightMax BMI
Formula Series350659 How to choose best DX Racer armchair for you5'9"22025
Drifting Series350659 How to choose best DX Racer armchair for you5'7" - 5' 11"22025
Iron Series350659 How to choose best DX Racer armchair for you5'7" - 6'1"28625
Classic Series350659 How to choose best DX Racer armchair for you5'11"24230
Tank Series350659 How to choose best DX Racer armchair for you5'2" - 6'6"50030
Racing Series350659 How to choose best DX Racer armchair for you6'1"22030
King Series350659 How to choose best DX Racer armchair for you5'9" - 6'1"33030

The best top chair from DXRacer – you’ll be fresh as a daisy spending 8-18 hours in front of the display

350659 How to choose best DX Racer armchair for youThis DXRacer brand have approved itself as the diamond in the field of e-sport service long before. DXRacer with its best-known chairs subsidizes dozens of e-sport events (including the famous annual World Cyber Games, IEM World Championship and other championships) on a regular basis.

Thereby, thousands of devotees of computer and video games have already experienced the DXRacer chairs in theirs various sizes, types, forms and weights. Now, there are tens of thousands of DXRacer chair admirers in the world. Both skillful cybergamers and enthusiasts are among them.

350659 How to choose best DX Racer armchair for you

The supreme DXRacer chairs – you’re going to give up on easy fatigability and neck and back chronic problems

Ten years ago the DXRacer company, which offers the best-class gaming chairs on sale now, had also been fabricating chairs, but there were premium seats for sportcars. It’s no wonder that DXRacer experts know what pure comfort is. They are seeking and developing the best ideas and solutions for chairs of the DXRacer permanently.

A DXRacer produced chair – the best choice for every gamer, e-sportsman, freelancer or office worker

It is enough to sit for a while in a top-level chair like a DXRacer product to understand that this stuff comes at a price to be gained. But the DXRacer costs very reasonably in real life.


The DXRacer nifty stylish chairs remind of high-powered racing car sittings on the outside. Just through the use of design ergonomics and specificity the DXRacers are easy to recognize on the first gaze. They have off-gauge shapes, unorthodox insets, leather and durable cloth covering, excellent minute particulars of DXRacer... And every DXRacer chair will be appropriate in a usual office, a personal individual taste home room or a game club hall.


350659 How to choose best DX Racer armchair for youAll the chairs of the DXRacer company are quality-tested strongly at the place of fabrication. It is impossible to break the DXRacer even under the conditions of daily heavy usage. Robust ossatures and stable five-pointed crossbeams of the DXRacers are manufactured from high-grade steel. DXRacer seatbacks and chair bottoms covered with straight-tailoring upholsteries are filled with spongeous crust. It provides support to constant chair shape during the whole time of DXRacer product usage and neutralizes deformation factors. Some of such filling materials have application to the auto industry.

DXRacer chairs move down very gently but in seconds in actual fact – with the inbuilt modern hydraulic mechanism. DXRacer arms latch in eight positions and provide support not only for the DXRacer user’s back from the neck to the rump but for the arms too, in any location. DXRacer shoulders and head support pillows are located on the belts optionally and DXRacer leg support plastic plate pieces are on the crossbeams. Casters are rubber-covered, protecting floor covering from damages. You can ride in your DXRacer high class chair around the room and there will be no tracks left on the floor.


The DXRacer manufacturer takes care to ensure that all DXRacer goods are according with healthy user requirements. People want to sit in front of the computer or display at their ease, to work fine and to play for a long time. Examiner companies have tested DXRacer goods and have confirmed DXRacer premium class reliability (if not a superpremium: the lifetime warranty is valid for chair ossatures). You can have a look at all the DXRacer chair component quality certificates, charts and reviews at the DXRacer company site.


350659 How to choose best DX Racer armchair for youHaving fixed your DXRacer new chair in accordance with your needs and body individual characteristics, you can work or play all day or night long with the DXRacer without tiredness but managing your time efficiently. The chair from the DXRacer pros literally clings to your body like the race car sitting, it almost sides with you and ensures you the highest convenience. DXRacer supporting of your arms, neck, shoulders, loin and back provides you for preventive measures for locomotor system problems. Muscle tension and intractable pains will abandon you with the DXRacer.

The widest model range

There is a choice of DXRacer functional chair models from standard size items to modifications for programmers and gamers of more than average height (over 180 cm tall) and weight (the cap is 180 kg). These DXRacer chairs look like thrones with magnifical-wide bottoms and backs. There are DXRacer K-series and T-series, or DXRacer King and Tank models mainly.

You can select the DXRacer modern gaming or computer chair with some of the most likable color schemes. Black and red/white/yellow/gray/purple/orange/green/pink/blue DXRacer versions are available. Back and bottom shapes of the DXRacers differ from each other by means of various cambers’ presence. But all the DXRacer chairs are ergonomical in connection with the human anatomy.

Simplified model matching

There are 9 series of DXRacer chairs with theirs own sizes, limits, configurations and features in the DXRacer product line. You can easily appraise and compare characteristics of all the DXRacer chair components (bases, casters, arms, conventional tilt and multi-functional mechanisms). Formula and King DXRacer series chairs have the highest back, King and Classic DXRacer items have the maximal bottom thickness, Tank and King ones have the highest base. With certain measures, it is not difficult to determine optimized sizes of a DXRacer particular chair that is sufficient for regular usage by any individual.

DXRacer series like Racing and Formula are comprised of two subseries either where DXRacer goods are distinct in characteristics of certain details. The DXRacer Formula series of chairs has different color and material crossbeam decorations, the DXRacer Racing series locks arms differently.

  • Wide choice
  • Shape ergonomics
  • Steel framed structure
  • Longterm service
  • Affordable price
  • High stable back with slope angle in tune (up to the “beach chair” position)
  • Anatomical back and neck rolls
  • Back and thigh side panels (lateral support)
  • Easy adjustable arms and bottom
  • Inbuilt tilting mechanism with the lock function (the bottom cannot capsize)
  • Buffered casters
  • Weight (BMI < 30) and height (< 185 cm) restriction
  • Heavy overall weight
  • Assembling by customer

The DXRacer amazing gaming chairs are to supply gamers with new-generation comfort. Among the DXRacer modern models, everyone can find a chair that is really meant to be a whole with him and will be a good help in the course of his work or game. Sit down and win.

What is an e-game without a comfy chair from the best modern furniture reviews? Only if you are making yourself comfortable in front of a computer, can you lot upon interesting pastime and possibly to use your chances to the full during the game. Many people will confirm that only a stable dependable chair with great customization can assure real comfort, such as any DXRacer product.

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