Top 6 Best Ergonomic Office Models & Series DX Racer

Sitting in an office chair for prolonged periods of time can definitely cause low back? Of course.

You need ergonomic DXRacer smile Top 6 Best Ergonomic Office Models & Series DX Racer

smile Top 6 Best Ergonomic Office Models & Series DX Racer

Consider three basic characteristics: dimensions, price and adjustability. For some people materials used are also of great importance. In our review we’ll compare popular DXracer office models and try to choose the best one.

1. DXracer Boss Series – for Big Guys

As the manufacturer claims, DXracer Boss chairs are optimized for people of up to 6 foot in height and 425 lbs in weight. But in fact, even if you are about 6,4 foot, you’ll feel comfortable with it. These DXracer models are really huge and perhaps the most robust ones in the entire DXracer product range. Let’s review the OH/BF120 model as a representative of DXracer Boss series.


OH/BF120 is made in a typical DXracer style, but it lacks these aggressive features like bright coloured insets and cutouts in the headrest. Main characteristics, such as a 5-point steel base, adjustable arms and a gas lever for the height adjusting, are similar for most DXracers. More details about DXracer features you’ll find in the comparison chart on the official DXracer website.

  • very big size – big-boned guys will definitely appreciate it;
  • ergonomic design and really good support;
  • durability – the seat is firm enough not to become punctured, and the layered padding of high quality prevents early wearing down;
  • calm office look – unlike gaming DXracer chairs, the OH/BF120 model isn’t equipped with side wings, which look cool, but don’t add convenience.
  •  high price – in fact, it’s one of the most expensive DXracer options;
  •  too big size (yes, many people, even tall ones, in their reviews describe Boss DXracers as “overkill”);
  •  tough seat – if you’re accustomed to soft cushioning, you won’t feel comfortable with it

Verdict: Buy this DXracer, if you are about 6,4 foot or if you just like very big chairs and have a spacious room. If not – think twice whether it will pay for itself. Use DXracer comparison chart to check for alternatives.

2. DXracer Classic Series – Premium Look and a Full Set of Features

DXracer Classic series it slightly different from other DXracers. These chairs look more respectable than racing-styled automobile-seat-looking models with side wings, cutouts and aggressive colours. DXracer Classic with its calm, restrictive style and a maximum adjustability is a perfect choice for managers and serious office workers. Let’s take a closer look at its OH/CE120/N model to learn the details.


The OH/CE120/N has a typical DXracer gaming chair high backrest, 4D-adjustable arms, a strong aluminum base and a multi-functional mechanism for adjusting the tilt and locking the angle. Its surface has a nice leather-like finish, which is resistant to wear and tear. A built-in headrest makes this DXracer chair look stylish and expensive, while adding extra comfort. Optional pillows for lumbar support are provided.

  • respectable and stylish look;
  • ergonomic design, perfect support;
  • medium (for a DXracer) price;
  • durability, wear & tear resistance;
  • excellent adjustability.
  • average size (weight & height limits of up to 5.1 foot and 225 lbs);
  • tough seat (though some people in their reviews say it’s a pro rather than a con);
  • some pricier than other “classic” DXracer series including Formula and Origin.

Verdict: The OH/CE120/N is an ideal DXracer for a typical office worker or a manager. It provides a good spinal support and has a nice, soft look. But it is a bit of small and a little pricier than other similar DXracer models.

3. DXracer Work Series – Extra Width and Classic Set of Function

smile Top 6 Best Ergonomic Office Models & Series DX RacerThough all office DXracer models look very similar, each of them has at least one or two distinctive feature. For the so-called DXracer W-series, this distinctive feature is an added width of the seat. Let’s review its OH/WZ06/NC as an example.


The OH/WZ06/NC from DXracer has quite a standard appearance and a typical DXracer’s set of functions, including adjustable arms, conventional tilt mechanism and the same gas lever. The head support pillow is built-in. What makes this DXracerreally different is a wider seat plus stronger wheels. Weight & height limits are 185 lbs and 5,8 foot respectively.

  • fits to big-boned and overweight people;
  • provides decent support thanks to ergonomic design;
  • medium price.
  • looks a bit of bulky, doesn’t fit well in a small room;
  • no tilt angle lock function

Verdict: This DXracer can become a top choice for big-boned people who need a good spinal support during the day and don’t feel comfortable in narrow computer chairs.

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